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About Zapya Free Download For PC & Android

Zapya is a Free good sharing App and Software. It’s used for share files between Windows phones and other devices, It is very easy to use and download, Zapya is now available for download you can easily download it from Google Play or their official website. It’s used for easy and quickly transfer file between Windows Phone and other phones or devices, you can also use it in your computer and Android or iOS devices. Zapya is most popular For easy and quickly transfer files therefor many so much people use Zapya around the world.

Zapya Apk Free Download for Android, Window phones, PC and other Devices

Zapya Free Download
Here in our site, we share with you Zapya latest download links for Android, Window, iOS, MAC &  iOS Jailbreak. if you want to download Zapya App from Google Play, Download link of Google Play below given at the end of the article. 

Zapya Free Download For PC Features:

Free App for share files saving and saving.
Very fastest App for share data between two devices.
You can share any file, photo, music apps, video, JPG PDF any type of files and unlimited file size.
This app is good for group sharing, you can share files with a group of people.
Zapya is available in different languages.
Zapya App free download links available below for different devices. 

File Detail:

Name: Zapya
Category: APP & Software
Price: 100% Free

Downloads Links:

Download Zapya for Android >> 5.9 MB 
Download Zapya for Windows Phones >>17.2 MB
Download Zapya for iOS Jailbreak >>20.8 MB
Download Zapya for PC >>17.2 MB
Download Zapya for MAC >>29.7 MB
Download Zapya for iOS>>29.7 MB
Download App from Google Play>>9.3 MB

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