Jimi Guitar v2.6.3

Jimi Guitar v2.6.3

Jimi Guitar aims to be the best guitar app on the market.
Authentic sounds, a free mode to play like on a real guitar, a chord mode to play without risking a false note, a song mode to learn the chords of your favorite songs, a powerful song search engine, a tuner, a capo… and more.
Whether you know or not how to play guitar, Jimi Guitar will provide you hours of entertainment.

Features in Lite version:

? Chord mode, to play chords easily
? Song mode, to play song chords with lyrics
? Free mode, to play like on a real guitar (multitouch recommended)
? Tablet mode, to adjust the fretboard width
? Guitar tuner
? Display of chord fingerings
? Scroll lyrics in sync with chords
? Capo to change the tonality
? Auto pick option
? Right or left-hand orientation
? Anglo-saxon, german, latin notation
? No spyware, no adware

Additional features in Full version:

? Search engine giving access to more than 200,000 songs
? 8 different acoustic and electric guitars with authentic sounds
? Import custom guitar graphics and sounds (see http://www.tokata.fr/jimi-guitar/custom)
? Set the number of frets
? Complete chord library
? Many chord progressions
? Create custom chord progressions
? Import your own songs
? Save songs in memory

“Full network access” � Required to download song chords and lyrics.
“Read the contents of your SD card” � Required to load songs and custom guitars.
“Modify the contents of your SD card” � Required to save songs.

You have a question about Jimi Guitar, a use problem, a suggestion for the next version? Feel free to contact us at support (at) tokata (dot) fr. (Comments are welcome in Google Play Store but it’s not the best place for support.)

Contribute to the translation of the app in your language, or publish a video showing the app, and get the full versions of all our apps for free! Contact us at support (at) tokata (dot) fr.

Jimi Guitar v2.6.3Jimi Guitar v2.6.3

Jimi Guitar v2.6.3Jimi Guitar v2.6.3




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