Download Nokia PC Suite Free

Nokia PC Suite Complete Detail Information.

Nokia PC Suite is free software that is for connecting your phone to the desktop for sync your phone. in this article i write about Nokia PC Suite detail information with the help of photos. in this article you read about how to install and use Nokia PC Suite. the use of mobile phones we need to connect them to desktop has also risen. Nokia PC Suite is popular software for this purpose. The Nokia PC Suite is good for files transferring or creating backup of the files on your mobile and others things.

This Software has been designed with very simply feature. PC Suite is easy to use for connecting with internet. This software helps you to send messages, back up your mobile data and make calls etc.
Download Nokia PC Suite Free

1- Insert the software disc for your mobile in to your CD drive.
2- Run the Nokia PC Suite software setup. 

Download Nokia PC Suite Free

3- Let the installation continue.

1- After complete installation the “Get Connected” wizard will show.
2- To Continue click the right arrow button.

Download Nokia PC Suite Free

3- Select the connection type.if you are using data cable to connect the PC Suit, you can connect. To connect by Bluetooth turn on Bluetooth and click the right arrow button on your mobile.
4- Nokia PC Suite w’ll now search your mobile.
5- Select your phone after detected.
6- Click Next button to connect.

Download here New version

Download here Old Version

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